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I am putting together my puppy folders that I give out to their new owners. In the folders I include an e-mail from a veterinarian and thought it would be important to post it here. Jan can verify the information as she has also gotten this e-mail from the vet.

Dr. Heinold had found that SMZ-TMP (Tribrissen, Bactrim) antibiotics can cause liver failures in Vizslas. She noted this as an anecdotal caution in "The Vizsla" by BC Boggs 2000. She states that she will not use this on any of her patients as it has also happened in Cocker Spaniels and Dobermans, but is especially prevalent in Vizslas. If you would like a copy of this e-mail, please let me know and I will scan it into my other computer and send it to you so that you can give a copy to your vet and note that you don't want your Vizsla to have these antibiotics.

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