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It is me Lacy again.  So how has life been treating everyone?  I have seen that our friends have been adding to the family! Great to see all the little ones running around!! 

  My life has pretty much settled in to a regular cycle of the Big Orange ball in the sky and the Silver ball in the dark sky.  But now it seems that the Big Orange ball does not stay out as long now. And it seems to be further towards the hayfield when it goes behind the trees at the cycle when the silver ball follows later.  I feel the cooler air too. My Lady person does not turn on the big round breezy thing anymore. As a matter of fact, the other day, she put a flat hard thing in my safe area that feels like some dog just got up from sleeping on it but there is no other dog here.  Well, that is all fine with me, I still get to lay on the warm spot!

  Oh, I have to tell you about the latest adventure in my life!  This time it was right at my safe area, or at least what I thought was my safe area.  My man person let me out of his safe area (what I have heard him speak of as a house) to relieve myself outside. Well, while we were out there, I heard something inside of my safe area!  I thought my brother had found my safe place. I went running out to greet him, I was sooo excited! 

    As I got right up to my safe area,  Whoa, whoa! What is that thing? It was the ugliest cat I had ever seen!  Of course I had only seen a couple so far in my life so who was I to judge right?  This, thing, opened its mouth at me as I came to a screeching halt outside of the safe area(yeah, right, safe they said). This creature had the biggest widest mouth with the sharpest teeth I had ever seen! (I have a feeling I have a lot more to see and learn about in this life.) It did not run, it just looked at me as it kept eating the food that I did not feel like eating earlier while I was waiting for my people to come back.

  Well, my man person seems really interested in all the live things I come across. He got real fast as he looked and saw this creature with the sharp teeth. He went into a door there by my safe place. While he was in there, I got to looking at the live thing. It had a pointy nose, wiry hair that was grey, dark grey and white. Its' movements were slow too. A cat would have been just a tail to see as it sailed over the wire to get away. Not this thing. As my man person came back through the door he had a long brown thing in both hands. He lifted it up and pointed it at the  food stealer.
 Something told me this was going to be hand thunder again, so I braced for the thunder!  Yep, just as I was remembering. Not quite as loud, but thunder just the same.  I will spare you the rest of the details except for the crashing sound I heard inside the door box. My man person heard it too. First he took the now not living ugly cat like thing away.

    When my man person returned, he went inside the metal box with the door. He looked and found a thin metal/wood thing laying on the floor. He looked where it had been on the wall. He put sticky white paper over a tear that was there.

Then he went outside and found a tear in the metal on the outside in the same place. He found a round tube of red sticky paper and put it over that tear too.  He looked at me and said "Don't tell mom!" Whatever that is supposed to mean.  Apparently, though I did not see the lightening, it still was there as was the thunder! Kind of like when it strikes a tree and makes that bad place all the way down the tree when it hits. 

Well, just as he asked me, I did not tell Mom. But later, he was speaking into one of those boxes he holds in his hand and retold the adventure to someone with mom sitting right there! So I did not have to worry about keeping it a secret anymore. People are funny that way.  Well, on to more adventures.  


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Comment by Lacy on November 14, 2012 at 8:36am
Yes me too! He spoke sounds of..p o s u m as what name he gave it.
Comment by Neila Snyder on November 14, 2012 at 8:24am

That sounds scary!!  Glad your daddy knew how to take care of it!

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