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Hi again. Wow, what a couple of months it has been for me!  I am still a girl, but won't be a woman LOL. I have gone on a whirl wind of a change from what I knew two months ago. But I have found that this life is not bad at all.  I get to chase bugs anytime of the night because they gather around the bright light outside. While my people are gone during the day I get to rest in a secure place where nothing bad can get to me. I have my own house and a lounger on the deck. I don't get wet because of the shelter over head. There is always a breeze coming from a tall round shiny thing that is just outside of my safe area. When my people get home they invite me in to their safe place. They even have a soft pillow for me to lay on. I have gotten them to play with me. I throw a ball their way and they laugh and throw it away. ( I still don't understand why they don't keep it, but I will keep bringing it back to them) They brought home a sad looking long hairy thing they call a fox. When I bite at it it makes a squeaky sound. I sure have fun making it squeak ( I am sure trying to get that out of it)

  My people have started taking me out of our boundary area. For some reason they hook a line from me to them, but I don't mind, I get to see other places.  On my outings I have met other people, bugs, bugs and more bugs. I have seen, what my people call, cows and my buddies (?). On one of these lined connect adventures, I smelled a really strong, strange scent in the tall grass right next to the wood separating the short grass that I was walking in. I found a live thing, It really wasn't moving but a little red worm flicking back and forth at one end of this live thing. My people did not seem very interested in this live thing, that was, until it seem to explode up out of the grass at me! Then my people became very interested in this live thing that I had found! Suddenly though, they did not want me to get near it! But,but, I found it! My lady person was looking at me all over my face and my other man person was looking excitedly at the live thing. Suddenly, the loudest thunder I had heard yet in my life!! But it came from my man persons hand!! How could that be?!  I my self was trying my best to get away from this hand thunder! But my lady person was still holding the line that was attached to me!! Oh how I tried to get back to my safe place inside the boundary!!!. But they made me stay. Then more people showed up. I guess they wanted to know about what caused my man persons hand to thunder!

  These other people brought to the excitement a long stick with a curved wide end. They reached into the tall grass and gathered up this live thing. It was not alive anymore. It was limp, and longer than a minute ago. The red worm was not there anymore either. There was red life water dripping from a new hole in the once live thing. My people were talking excitedly to each other and with the others. They took out those little boxes that they carry with them all the time. They pointed them at the once live thing. I don't know what that was all about. I just wanted to get away from this exploding grass, thunder hand, place as soon as possible!

  Finally, going back to the safe boundary place!  Oh! what is that?! Another exploding live thing! Oh, no just a leaf! I can't hardly take a step with out thinking I will run into another scary live thing! Finally back inside my peoples safe place. I can't help to think about tomorrows line walk!   Lacy

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Comment by Hinkle Monk on September 21, 2012 at 8:06pm


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