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I am wondering how you Vizsla owners feel about cross breeding. I welcome all comments even if your and my thoughts differ. I have come across Vizsla and pit bull mix two times in the last 3 months. It sickens me!!

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They are good pups we are only fostering so they are up for adoption!. We saved then from being pts @ cacc. They are extremely athletic and they utilize are big back yard. I didn't think they were greyhound either glad I cleared that up. 

Thank you for the response!

Here's a pic with our dog Kale which they all get along so well. 

Adorable :-) We rescued a stray 3 or 4 month old puppy in Los Angeles, DNA test showed she's a pit/greyhound/vizsla mix. Gentle, incredibly fast, loves swimming. About a year old now, best dog I could ask for. 

Oh my god they're gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful. They are siblings? If I were in Chicago I'd come get them today ;)

this was posted before I got my dog. After he was born. A "mutt" but he's a mutt mix of Pit Bull and Vizsla and is an amazing and GORGEOUS dog. I don't quite know what's sickening, the idea of mixing breeds? Putting a pit bull in the mix (they are NOT the evil people try to paint them as) or what could be the problem. I tripped over this thread looking for a hybrid name for my little guy just for entertainment and that comment sickened me. The way I feel about backyard breeding is much stronger than just sickened. Do you know how many abandoned "pure bred" dogs are killed in shelters every single day? THAT is sickening.

My girl, Ms Skyy is a Vizsla Mix as well. She's awesome. Very intelligent. Well behaved, a bit clumsy, she's ALWAYS stepping on my feet, and she's A big girl. She makes the vizsla breed look great. She muscular (will give better pics), thick girl. Tall.. Comes up to my chest and i'm 5'11. I'm cool with her being a mix, I wouldn't trade her for any other dog. Pure or not. 


I named her Sinatra Skyy because her eyes were a beautiful piercing blue, then they changed to blue green, then green, then gray, and now they are a green/gray. She will be 2 years old Dec. 16 2015.



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