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I am wondering how you Vizsla owners feel about cross breeding. I welcome all comments even if your and my thoughts differ. I have come across Vizsla and pit bull mix two times in the last 3 months. It sickens me!!

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Vizsla and pit bull? That seems like a really weird combo.
It looks like a pitbull head and a vizslas body that is on starodes.

Jack Snyder said:
Vizsla and pit bull? That seems like a really weird combo.
I've now seen two different mixes.
One was a Vizsla with a GSP, so it was basically a brown Vizsla...actually qhuite cute.
The other was a Vizsla with a Yellow Lab, again, it looked more Vizsla but very light alomost blondish/yellow.
Oh no, everyone on earth wants to interlink, can't we please have pure Vizslas - they are wonderfull, excpetional and special just as the are, PLEASE.

You will still have purebreds you hateful piece of crap. Interbreeding a couple Vizlas doesn't do anything to the line.

Jesus christ dog people are weird and stupid. And they all think they're smart.

Why does it sicken you? We humans aren't purebred so why would a mixed breed dog be so offensive?
At the end of the day isn't your dogs personality and unconditional love more important to you than his/her appearance and "clean" blood?

I can appreciate the fact that pure breeding is necessary in order to secure the longevity and health of a breed, but Vizslas aren't at risk of being extinct - the breed is thriving and (at least here in Chicago) gaining popularity at a very quick pace. I have a wonderful and beautiful rescue V. Her parents are Vizslas, but she is not the result of hyper-selective breeding and because of that her coat is lighter than most other Vs I've seen. I find it a little offensive and embarrassing when I encounter the slightly snooty Vizsla owner, so fixated on pure breed and breed standards, making comments on the coloring or hair texture of my V.

It's a little disappointing...

Another factor in the discussion or debate is the incredibly large population of dogs out there waiting to be adopted, mixed breed dogs that don't look perfect. What message are we sending as humans and dog lovers when we frown on dogs that aren't purely bred?
I have no problem with mixed breed dogs. They can be wonderful, loving, and useful animals. However, as a breeder, I have a responsibility to protect the breed by insuring that my pups are indeed "pure" . The people to whom I sell my pups want a Vizsla, not a Vizsla-mix. If they wanted a Vizsla mix, they could go to the Humane society and get one for much less than they would pay for one of my pups.
I also include in the contact that all my buyers sign that it their female should be inpregnated by other than a purebred Vizsla, the pups MUST be destroyed. If they do not follow the contract, I can reclaim their dog wothout recourse for the owners. I also specify that when breeding their females. they must be at least 2 years of age and have been certified hip tested and DNA tested. This is to insure that inferior pups will not be bred and sold to people expecting a "perfect" pup.
I love the breed. This is not to say that their are not other breed worthy of praise or mixed breeds worth owning. I only want to provide people looking to own Vizslas with purebred Vizslas.
I find it a little cruel that the pups must be destroyed. What is the harm in adopting them out as long as they are not claiming them to be pure? I say this only because there are so many people that could provide a good home to lovable Vizsla mixes...but I am also not one to buy from a breeder as I would rather rescue a dog from a shelter or from a breed rescue. Too many dogs out there need good homes! I am not against others who would like to purchase a dog from a breeder though-to each his own. I have to say that I love my Vizsla mix more than I ever thought possible!!

Then it's up to YOU to genetically test your "pure breeds" and not rely on your stupid eyeballs you dumb ass. If you aren't providing pure breeds then it's your fault for not doing the testing. You cannot externalize your own laziness and unwillingness to the rest of the world's lack of respect and worship for a bloodline that you are personally obsessed with. And please don't act like the breed is in danger. It's fine.

To mandate the genetics AFTER SALE is absolute lunacy and you need psychiatric help. This would be like adopting out a white child with a clause that it cannot play with blacks and hispanics, and if any children are produced from said relationship they must be killed. 

Do you get it!? They aren't yours anymore you psycho. YOU SOLD THEM!

You profit from the sale of children. Don't sugar coat it. You sell children. And apparently you murder them too.

You are a terrible person and I hope your dogs run away to a compassionate owner and not some murderer. 

I happen to have a Vizsla mix that we adopted from the Humane Society here in Boise, ID. We are going to get DNA testing because I am really curious as to what he is mixed with as he looks so close to being pure. He has the same characteristics and personality traits attributed to the Vizsla breed. The differences are in his ears (they appear to be a bit smaller than a pure Vizsla), his coat has a bit of reddish in it, and his nose is darker brown. We love Samson to death, and were discussing adopting another Vizsla...possibly from the Utah/Idaho Vizsla Rescue.
It's great to hear another voice of reason...

When getting our Vizsla, we never for second planned on going to a breeder. How could we ignore the millions of adoptable dogs out there (including purebred Vizlas) just sitting around in foster care or shelters waiting for their "forever homes". We adopted our Vizsla through the Northern IL Vizsla rescue and couldn't have been happier with the process.

On a slightly negative note - I found it quite shocking and even more off-putting that a breeder would make buyers sign a contract agreeing to continue the pure lineage of the breed or that mixed breed pups would be confiscated and "destroyed"... you mean killed? That sounds like animal abuse to me.

Yea, she's insane. I don't believe a word of it either. No breeder would last as a breeder if the community knew they were actively murdering puppies around the country. She an internet-idiot


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