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I applied Frontline plus. To my knowlage the only 99% effective product for both flea & ticks. The dogs color of hair went to a solid shade of her darkest color in the spot that it was applyed. I am sickend by this change and don't want to reapply. Any suggestion?

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I have never used any of these products on my dogs (skin = largest organ of the body, products like you mentioned = poison). I have used garlic products made for dogs for over 15 years. Currently using "Bug Off Garlic" from Springtime, inc.
I just finished my first container of "Bug Off Garlic". Klara has been flea and tick free. I have not let her run through the weeds though. Maybe I'll do that now for the real test. It dosn't work for nats.
Yea Klara! I am happy you are flea and tick free like me! Let us know what happens when you run through the weeds...
There are more and more studies showing that these products are dangerous for our pets. I swore all these years that it was the cause of seizures in some animals and they are now just proving some of this. Unfortunately in our area, we don't have many choices for keeping the fleas and ticks away. My holistic vet said that at least Frontline without the Plus is better. It doesn't have AS MUCH pesticide repellent in it. I also add apple cider vinegar to their water that is a flea repellent. In some of the dog groups I am a member of, they say to use it every other month or use partial doses. None of this helps with the shade of color spot that you have on your dog now though. My guess is that it will disperse as it gets absorbed more or if Klara spends more time in the water. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
What is a "partial dose" of cider vinegar. I want to try this also.


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