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Kenneling can be expensive. I'm suggesting here, that if any of us have the set-up to care for an additionel Vizsla friend for a day and or a night along side our own, to post here. 
  That goes to say as well - that if you would like a more home like envirment for your Vizsla while away, who better than us to understand the high energy breeds needs. 
  This thread could serve as a spot to touch bace.

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Wonderful suggestion! We've done this in the past.
I would be willing to care for one Vizsla at a time. We have a 10,000.
sqft privacy fence for purpose of dog play . An additional 2,000. sqft
chained fence area that leads to a spacious inclosed shelter in the
gerodge. If interested, we will discuss our expectations to see if the
stay would be good for all.
I am so open for this. Anyone in MI or surronding states? I never want to kennel Jake because I don't believe they will give him the attention/love/exercise he requires. I would be happy to have a Vizsla friend for Jake to play with for a week!!
It is a drive for you and Jack. I beleave they should meet for a few hours before any stay over at a bit later date. But I'm ok with you living a ways off, if you are ok with an informal visit.
Great idea! I'm all for it. I just got back in town (gone 10 days), Atticus stayed with friends who have goldens, we are lucky to have them. They said everything was well and he was a good, little boy ... but I still wonder if everyone was comfortable with the whole thing.


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